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Hi, I'm Dr. Hanan Islam. Welcome to my profile!

Dr. Hanan Islam's Bio:

Dr. Hanan Islam, as she is affectionately known, describes herself as a "Whole Track Freedom Fighter", dedicating the past 35 years to educating the general public on "Self Care" and taking responsibility for their own health and wellness.  

Dr. Hanan owned and operated the largest mobile medical clinic in the County of Los Angeles not owned by the county and subsequently signed onto the World Literacy Crusade as it's Executive Director in 1999.

In 2004 Dr. Hanan opened American Health and Education Clinics to offer an alternative approach to substance abuse, not utilizing drugs to help youth get off of drugs.

In 2014 Dr. Hanan opened yet another, (#6) alternative health care center to deliver energetic medicine and other alternative therapies for those searching for non toxic, drug free choices to handle the negative effects the toxic environment we live in today has upon the body.

Today Dr. Hanan speaks Internationally on health and wealth strategies and writes articles and books across an array of subject matters including health, education and wealth strategies.  Her website is


Dr. Hanan Islam's Interests & Activities:

Alternative health, personal finance, wealth strategies, education.

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